Change Of Course, A Potential Step To The Stroke Of

“Permanent Residency”


International students have various reasons why they have chosen to study in Australia. The country, one of the top 3 favourite destinations of students seeking higher education, has helped its international graduates achieve success in their chosen career through its academic standards and developed internship programs.

VisaFast has been a registered Visa Consultants since 2009 and have a proven experience of helping number of students gaining their PR.

ON Student Visa Sub-Class 500 and looking for Change Of Course for PR?

 Students focusing to settle in Australia permanently should select the right course which has the opportunity to PR and will continuously be in demand in the coming years.

If you are a student and still unsure about your career path? We have a solution to your PR. Open up the horizons of the Change of Course for all the ultimate opportunity of Permanent Residency.

Change Of Course:

If you want to change to a new course at the same institution you are currently studying and at the same level of qualification, you do not need to apply for a new student visa unless your current visa is about to expire.

There are certain conditions before which you can’t opt for change of course.

This significant visa condition applies to all Student visa (subclass 500) holders. Condition 8202 requires students to:

  • Be enrolled in a full-time course
  • Achieve satisfactory course progress
  • Achieve satisfactory course attendance
  • Maintain enrolment in a course at the same level or higher Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level for which they obtained the visa: change from AQF 10 to 9 is permitted but change from an AQF course to a non-AQF course is not

Changing Your Level Of Qualification

If you are willing to change your qualification for example from Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree, you need to apply for new student visa as your present visa subclass may change. Always feel free to consult our student advisor for further information and solution.

Changing Your Institute

Planning to change institute, you first need to speak with your current institute for doing this. You certainly need to complete first six months of the main course of study in your first enrolled institution for which your visa was granted.

If you want to change institutions before completing the first six months of your main course of study, you must contact your current institution for permission. You will require a letter of offer from the new institution in order to apply for a letter of release from your current institution.

Courses In Demand And Pathway To PR

To help you with your change of course and still staying in demand and to the ultimate path to PR, here are some of the many sought-after courses with PR prospects:

  • Computer and Information Technology (IT) …
  • Education and teaching
  • Engineering
  • Cookery, patisserie, and hospitality
  • Plumbing
  • Painting and decoration
  • Nursing and medical
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Children Services
  • Social work

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